International patients

About the specialist hospital Coswig

The patient is the center of all our efforts and is respected as an autonomous personality. Medical actions and decisions are oriented towards humanistic principles and are based on the long-term medical experiences of our staff, as well as modern medicine with regards towards psychological and mental aspects.

The style and the atmosphere at the specialist hospital Coswig is cooperative, based on the individual case and interdisciplinary. This can be seen in the daily case discussions of pneumologists, thoracic surgeons and anesthesiologists. Medical exchange and open discussions are the basis of our diagnostics, therapy and working climate. The transparency of the specialist hospital in the area of care is very important to us.

The hospital in numbers:
Number of beds: 171 inpatient beds and 6 outpatient beds
Cases treated annually: ~ 8.000
Number of employees in 2018: ~ 320

Our rage of services:

  • Allergology
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Respiratory medicine
  • Infectious Diseases and tuberculosis
  • Intensive care
  • Palliative care
  • Pneumology
  • Pneumological oncology
  • Radiology
  • Thoracic surgery

You can contact us:

Mrs. D. Schorm 
Telefon: +49 3523 65 - 419

Managing Directors:

Torsten Bochannek

Born 1977
12 years of specialist and leadership assignments in the German Armed Forces.
Several years of personnel management in a bank.
7 years of various management positions in a private clinic group.
Managing director of the specialist hospital Coswig since January 2023.

Dr. Matthias Hagen Lakotta
Born: 1972

Multiannual leadership in the areas of hospital- and selective-contracts at a market leading health care insurance. Member of the executive board and director form January until Dezember 2015. Managing director of Recura Kliniken GmbH since January 2016; managing director of the branches of the Recura group since July 2015.

Medical Management

Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Koschel
Chief physician internal medicine/Pneumology
Chief physician Prof. Dr. med. Koschel is treating patients with acute and chronic diseases of the airways and lungs, as well as patients with sleep-related breathing dysfunctions. He is head of the department of internal medicine/pneumology.

Prof. Dr. med. Till Plönes
Chief physician thoracic surgery
The thoracic surgery department is performing surgery on benign and malign tumors of the lungs, thoracic wall, mediastinum, rips, pleura and diaphragm with the most modern methods.

Dr. med. Jens Kraßler
Chief physician anaesthesiology/intensive care
Chief physician Dr. med. Kraßler is head of the department of anaesthesiology/intensive care. Besides intensive care he is also responsible for pain-elimination-procedures in surgical and special diagnostic interventions.

Nursing Management

Marion Bandow
She is a registered nurse and working in our hospital since 1987. She was head of nursing staff at the surgery ward for several years, since 2009 she is the head of nursing management.  


Sleeping accommodations for relatives and visitors
Visitors of our patients can stay at the hospital for reasonable prices in one of our five rooms with TV and telephone, which are located in the second floor of our administration building. You can choose between self-catering and full board. Reservations, registrations and cancellations can be done via our reception.

Sleeping accommodations for relatives and visitors

  • Our cafeteria (Lindencafé) is located at the ground level of our hospital and offers a wide range of food, beverages and newspapers in a comfortable atmosphere
  • Public phone, internet-terminal and vending machines for hot and cold beverages and snacks are located (coins required) at the ground floor of the hospital
  • Small library at reception
  • Hairdressing and pedicure appoints can be scheduled at reception

Elective services

In accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the General Contract Terms (AVB) as well as in the Remuneration Tariff.

All medical services rendered by any physician at the specialist hospital Coswig who participates in the treatment will be billed separately in accordance with the German law (Medical Fee Schedule for Physicians (GOÄ) and/or the Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ/GOZ) in their respective version valid at the respective time).


Elective physician

Perpetual representative

Internal medicine

Chief physician
Prof. Dr. med. D. Koschel

Senior physician
Dr. med. M. Vogler

Thoracic surgery

Chief physician
Dr. med. S. Drewes

Senior physician
Dr. med. A. Kern

Anesthesiology/intensive care

Chief physician
Dr. med. J. Kraßler

Senior physician
S. Schäfer

Accommodation in a single bed room in accordance with the following service description:

Specialist Department

Level of Comfort

Price per day


Internal Medicine

New Building

Special sanitary equipment, welcome gift, special room size, option of alternative board to the regular meal plan, non-alcoholic beverages, special service

42,26 €

Internal Medicine

Old Building

Special sanitary equipment, welcome gift, special room size, option of alternative board to the regular meal plan, non-alcoholic beverages, special service

41,01 €

Accommodation and board of an accompanying person without medical necessity: € 45.00 per day.

Is Wi-Fi available?
There is free Wi-Fi within the hospital.

What are the opening-hours of the cafeteria?
Monday-Friday: 8.00 am -6.00 pm. Weekends and holidays 2.00pm – 6.00 pm.

Is there TV- and Radio reception in the patient’s room?
There is free TV/Radio in your room. The corresponding headphones can be purchased at a vending machine next to the reception on the ground floor.

Are there vending machines?
There are vending machines for cold and hot drinks as well as snacks, with a small supply of goods for your daily needs.

I am a smoker, what do I need to know?
We are a non-smoking - even gold standard – hospital.

We are constantly trying to improve our services. You can use our patient questionnaire for any positive or negative feedback. Just return the completed questionnaire back to us.

Please print the questionnaire and drop the completed document in our one of our designated postboxes at our hospital. Alternatively you can also fax the questionnaire to this number: Fax: 0049 3523 65-424.

In case you were a patient at our clinic, we are looking forward for your feedback. Just send us a letter, a postcard or an email.

Coswig – our town is in the middle…
Coswig is located near the green edge of Dresden, in the middle of the Elbe valley, on the right side of the Elbe river, close to the Saxon wine-street and in between the provincial capital of Dresden and the district town Meißen. Coswig also includes the villages Brockwitz, Sörnewitz and the urban district Neusörnewitz. The former villages Neucoswig and Kötitz were suburbanized in 1920 and 1935.

Attractions close by:

Albrechtsburg, state-owned porcelain manufactory.

Baroque castle, Saxon stud farm, game enclosure.

Karl-May-Museum, historic village Altkötzschenbroda, castle Wackerbarth, Spitzhaus, light railway Radebeul-Moritzburg-Radeburg.

…and in case of rain:

Coswig is located in the heart of historic and cultural highlights of the Saxon Elbe-County, has an excellent connection to public transport and is an ideal starting point to visit the surrounding sights.

Get into the tram and arrive in Radebeul shortly. Get details about the production of wine and sparkling wine at castle Wackerbarth and visit the Karl-May-museum. Ride with the traditional light railway – locally called "Lösnitzdackel" to Moritzburg. The sights there are the former castle of "August des Starken" and the Saxon stud farm. After that, take the bus to Meißen, the cradle of Saxony. The visitor center of the state-owned porcelain manufactory gives you the chance to learn more about the skills of handling porcelain. Don’t miss to walk through the historic city center, Albrechtsburg and towards the cathedral. Directly beneath the cathedral you can find the pier for the ferry to Coswig, which takes you back to the starting point Coswig. Alternatively you can use the commuter-train.

More information for the town of Coswig can be found here:

Booking of accommodations in Coswig and surroundings: